Early Years


The first year of school is a very special time for both the student and parent. At Wodonga West Primary School, we believe that a positive beginning to school assists students to develop an enthusiasm for learning.

As partners in their education we pledge to:
  • Provide a safe, caring environment that promotes learning.
  • Focus upon the development and consolidation of strong literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Create opportunities for all students to explore their understandings of their world.
  • Provide consistent, fair classroom management plans that encourage the growth of positive social behaviors.
  • Promote excellence by holding high but realistic expectations for each child, catering for their needs through individual and small group focused teaching.
  • Maintain close communication links between home and school.
  • Monitored student outcomes closely through our Early Years team.


We believe that learning to read and write provides strong foundations for future development. The development of these skills is our priority for learning across the school, but particularly in years F-2.  Early Years of Schooling is the term given for students in Years Foundation -4.
We follow the Early Years Literacy program used in Victorian State Schools. This brings together all the elements of good literacy practice and provides children with the best environment to develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
All students in F-2 begin the day with a two hour literacy block. During this time students receive whole class and small group instruction in reading and writing, and participate in learning centres which support these skills. These include listening to and reading stories and other literature.
Our students demonstrate they enjoy the routine of this literacy block and enthusiastically approach literacy learning. Teachers are diligent at tracking students’ progress and our results indicate that the majority of students complete their first year of school as confident readers and writers.
For information about Getting Started in Foundation click here.