Defence Liaison


Liz Haynes is our Defence School Transtion Aide who represents the Defence children and their families at WWPS. Liz is the first point of contact for Defence families at our school. As part of the Defence community herself, Liz understands the uniqueness of this group and works to ensure transitions and their time at Wodonga West is inclusive.  In particular she keeps an eye on our defence students and their friendships.

Our school staff ensure students learn about significant events such as ANZAC and Rememberance Days and develop both empathy and respect for these.  Our Student Leadership Council actively promote the sale of badges and poppies for ANZAC and Remberance Days.  As a school, we proudly walk in the ANZAC Day March in Wodonga and defence student representatives  respectfully lay a wreath at the ceremony.


* As a school community Liz nominates two Defence children to lay a wreath on Anzac Day.
* Assist in the classroom with the Defence children, ensuring their inclusion in all school activities.
* Liz attends meetings with the other DSTA personnel to design positive interactions and programs that we all implement during the school year.
* Liz provides defence students and families with a farewell teddy as a memento of their time and friends at Wodonga West Primary.



Defence children are welcomed warmly and highly valued members of our school community. 

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