Getting Started in Foundation

2017 Enrolments for Foundation.   Please contact the school on 02-60241188 for a tour of our facilities and to hear about our programs prior to enrolling. We welcome your enrolment enquiry.
Prospective students must be turning 5 before April 2017 to qualify.
  • Ensure that your child has a bag that is an adequate size for school. It will need to cater for a home reading folder, a lunch box, a jumper, library bag as well as any work or letters!
  • All items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. It can be very distressing to young children when their items go missing so check regularly to ensure that names are still readable.
  • Show your child their fruit snack, lunch and play lunch each morning so that they know which food is for fruit break, lunch or snack.


  • School involves a lot of time outdoors either in P.E. lessons or at play and lunch times. Ensure that your child wears adequate footwear and protection from the sun to support an active day. It is helpful if your child can take off and put on their footwear.
  • Talk positively with your child about beginning school and discuss the types of activities they will experience. Our Foundation teachers will implement a variety of enjoyable activities designed to familiarise your child with the day to day routines of school to ensure they feel secure and safe at school.
  • While children enjoy the challenge of using the canteen, please ensure that only small amounts of money are sent to school for spending. Lunches need to be ordered in the morning and dropped into the collection box at the office prior to 9am. Lunches will be delivered to your child's classroom where all children first eat before going outside to play.  We recommend that Foundation students do not order lunch for a few weeks until they are comfortable in the school environment and with the expectations.


  • Support your child by helping them to recognise their name. If your child is beginning to write encourage them to write correctly (using upper and lower case letters) rather than solely in capitals.
  • Establish a regular reading time with your child. This supports good reading habits as well as being a positive time together
  • Encourage independence in your child. Allow your child to grow by stepping back when you or the teacher feels it is appropriate. Gain knowledge of your child’s friends and class mates by helping in the room. Make sure that you get to know all children by working with the whole class rather than just your child.
  • Ensure your child has the maroon WWPS book bag to take readers and notes to and from home to school.
  • Come along to information sessions to be informed about education